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XTOOL D8 Automotive Diagnostic Tool 2023 Newest with 3-year Free Update Best Price

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Please Know Before You Buy

  • Xtoolglobal is the only official XTOOL Brand website, we only sell 100% GENUINE PRODUCTS with the best service for Xtool customers.
  • 2 Year Warranty and lifetime technical support.
  • 3-5 Days Fast Shipping: We have a local warehouse located at US/RU/PL/ES/UK/FR

XTOOL D8 is our 2022 Newest Car diagnostic tool, it supports CAN FD protocol which widely covers 100+ car manufacturers, with 2-year warranty and 3 years of free update, the D8 owner save more than $500, and it is equipped with Bi-directional control, OE full system diagnostic, key programming plus 31+ special functions! 

Device name D7 D8 D8BT D9 D9PRO
Support language 15 15 15 15 15
Diagnostic system Full system Full system Full system Full system Full system
Basic function 6 6 6 6 6
Special functions in the vehicle model
ECU programming and coding × × × ×
BBA online programming × × × ×
Basic coding and guidance (public) ×
Offline programming code ×
Special features 36 38 38 42 42
J2534 protocol × × × × ×
CAN FD protocol supports M811√ ×
Operating Platform Tablet Tablet Tablet Tablet Tablet
Screen Size 7 inches 8 inches 8 inches 9.7 inches 9.7 inches
Storage 1+32 (quad-core 1.6) 2+64 (quad-core 1.8) 2+64 (quad-core 1.8) 2+64 (quad-core 1.8) 2+64 (quad-core 1.8)
Connection Method line connection line connection Bluetooth line connection Bluetooth line connection line connection
Battery type 4000mAH 10000mAH 10000mAH 10000mAH 10000mAH
Upgrade 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years



  • ECU Coding and Online Coding+ Active test(Bi-directional control)
  • OE All System Diagnostic
  • Support 31+ Special functions: Calibration/Initialization/Matching/Relearn
  • Auto VIN/Auto Scan/VIN Scan/Manual VIN Input
  • 24*7 Online Tech Support
  • Widely Coverage of 90+ Car Brands which include 1000+ types of vehicles
  • Muti Language Options

Advanced ECU Coding

ECU Coding will open up more hidden personalized functions of your vehicle, such as closing the windows with the remote control, improving the vehicle performance, setting the folding function of the rear-view mirror, and you can also disable some annoying functions through EUC coding, such as changing the buzzer on the vehicle, disabling the safety warning sound and start/stop function, etc., to bring you a more comfortable driving experience.

Bi-Directional/Active Test

XTOOL D8 has a Bi-Directional control function. It can access vehicle subsystems and components through active testing, and then output commands through ECU to detect the integrity of vehicle systems and components, and find out the fault location and cause, such as evap test, cylinder deactivation, cycling a / C Clutch on / off, opening fuel injector, on / off, ABS motor pump for cycling, testing windows, doors, skylights, wipers, etc, So as to easily and effectively find out the fault location.

Note: ECU coding and active testing do not support all vehicle models.

OE Level All Systems Diagnostic (Few minutes Read all systems)

In order to better diagnose the vehicle, Xtool D8 can realize the diagnosis and maintenance reset of all systems,

including the vehicle ECU to read and clear DTCs, retrieve real-time data, freeze frames, and ECU information, and perform active testing, matching, adaptation, turning off warning lights, and resetting the monitor.


  • Reading ECU and Clear DTC
  • Retrieve Real-time Data
  • ECU information, and perform active testing, matching, adaptation, turning off warning lights, and resetting the monitor.
  • Freeze Frames

Auto VIN/Auto Scan/VIN Scan/Manual VIN Input

  • Auto VIN: XTOOL D8 has the latest automatic VIN scanning function. It can identify vehicle information and scan all ECUs for diagnosis. This function is compatible with 2006 and new models
  • Manual VIN Input: For vehicles not supporting the Auto VIN Scan function, you may manually enter the vehicle VIN.
  • Automatic SelectionThe Auto VIN Scan can be selected after selecting the test vehicle manufacturer.
  • Manual SelectionWhen the vehicle's VIN is not automatically retrievable through the vehicle's ECU, or the specific VIN is unknown, the vehicle can be manually selected.

XTOOL D8 comes with 31 special maintenance services, covering all available reset functions

Oil/Service/Maintenance Light

Gear Learning

Electric Parking Brake


Throttle Relearn

EEPROM Adapter

Window Initialization

Injector Coding

Tyre Pressure Reset

Airbag Repair

ABS Bleeding


Gearbox Match

Seat Configurations

Instrument Cluster

Electronic Pump Activation

BMS Reset

Performance Tire Upgrade

Air Suspension

Stop/start Reset

Steering Angle Sensor Adjustment

Language Change

DIY Mode

Remote Technical Support

Customers can get remote support from XTOOL's team of technical engineers who control their device from their PC via TeamViewer software.

Maintenance Assistant:

Includes how-to videos, how-to tips, user manuals, Q&A, quick start guides, and more.

Diagnosis History:

Once a vehicle diagnosis is made, the XTOOL D8 will record every detail of the diagnosis process. You can record/view/playback real-time data at any time. The history function provides quick access to the vehicle under test and the user can resume the last operation without the need to start over

Diagnostic Feedback:

Allows you to submit any issues that cannot be fixed immediately. With the support of XTOOL professional experts, we will strive to provide you with the best solution as soon as possible.

Remote Diagnosis:

Configuring XTOOL D8 as an I/M (Instant Messaging) tool makes it easier for technicians to exchange maintenance experience and provide remote assistance.

Vehicle Health Report Sharing and Printing:

With XTOOL D8, you can generate a complete system diagnostic report with one click. Reports can be emailed to the office or sent directly to your clients. You can also print out a vehicle health report card.

One Click Update Online & Mutil Languages Support

XTOOL D8 supports 3 years of free updates, you can get the latest version of the software, enjoy the latest technology and cover more new models.

After the 3-year free update service expires, XTOOL can still be used normally.

XTOOL D8 can support 15 kinds of languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Finnish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Lerenzo Brock

XTOOL D8 Automotive Diagnostic Tool 2023 Newest with 3-year Free Update Best Price

jason espinal

XTOOL D8 Automotive Diagnostic Tool 2023 Newest with 3-year Free Update Best Price

Adam Jenson
ABS BLEED Perfection

After taking our 2017 Highlander Hybrid to one very reputable shop and even Toyota for a multiple dash warning (Low Brake Power, Pre Collision Failure) these codes did not store in the OBD2 History for some reason, I had photos and video of the errors and my research suggested vacuum lines and or possible abs actuator failure. I asked if the shops would bleed the brakes to eliminate that possibility as I felt the brakes were spongy and too easily deprssed to the floor. Neither Toyota nor other shop felt that was cause. Well one XTOOL D8 and a ABS full bleed later NO ISSUES. Holy Smokes this device is a game changer for a DIY (some automotive prowess is suggested) but if you are looking into this tool you probably have some. YOU wont regret it, based on the other OBD2 readers I own or have used for 130-200$ This hands down puts them too shame. THis is A GREAT investment and would recommend to anyone that does their own repairs. Not to mention that Toyota and most shops will charge you 150-200$ California rates just to scan your vehicle anyhow. Yes yes auto parts stores have the free print out but this is in you shop and is active scan and adjust. NO CONTEST 10 out of 10.

Jimmy Roberson

I love it so far fast, accurate. All kind of resets , Fully unlocked for 3 years. I would highly recommend it to anyone that was a d y I or a shop.

Gabor Molnar
XTOOL D8 affordable and quality diagnostic tool

I bought the XTOOL D8 about 4 months and I have used it frequently since. I like this tool and I would love to try the other products from XTOOL as well. What it does well: starts up quickly, most of the time the AutoScan function is perfect (recognises the car, obtains the VIN number, identifies issues). So far it picked up all the issues in each car. It does actuation as well: activating system, for example, various pumps, relays, switches so it is possible to diagnose different part of a system. It has an overlay function when different signals can be overlaid on top of each other, which is very visual.
What it could do better: it does not have a "Garage" in which cars based on their registration plate can be saved. For example, if I want to diagnose a car where the AutoScan does not pick up the VIN number, I have to put in the VIN number manually but there is nowhere to save it. The next time I have to do the same manual input for this car. On a few cars, I could not reset some functions after changing a major component, e.g. a dpf filter on a Fiat Doble van. This had to be done by a SnapOn tool in another garage which cost me time and money.
Overall, I am happy with the XTOOL D8 and I keep using it and learning it.
Gabor Molnar, Ireland