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XTOOL D7S OBD2 Automotive All System Diagnostic Tool ECU Coding Key Programmer Active Test with 38 Reset Functions CAN FD & DOIP

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What's Different between D7 and D7S

1.XTOOL D7S With Same Diagnostic Functions as D7

2.D7S Update Tables ROM Been 64GB

3.D7S with CAN FD+ DOIP ,But D7 not with

4.D7S with Camera and can works with XV100

XTOOL D7S Automotive Diagnostic Scanner, Bidirectional Scan Tool with 3 Years Updates, Upgrade of D7, ECU Coding, 36+ Resets, All Systems Diagnosis, Key Programming, Crankshaft Relearn, CAN FD & DoIP

Bidirectional Control (Active Tests)

Completely control various car components to perform active tests.

OE-Level Full Systems Diagnosis

Perform full diagnostic functions at the same level as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) diagnostic scan tool.

36+ Service Functions

Commonly used car maintenance functions for daily, such as resets, relearns, adaptations, calibrations, initializations, etc.

Newly added ECU coding capability

Newly added ECU coding capability(for VW/AUDI/SKODA ONLY) which performs online Coding, Component Matching, Adaptive Data Reset, etc to optimize vehicle performance and customize car settings.

Auto VIN & Scan

One-Click automatically identify the information of your vehicle and find out the car fault.

Additional User-Friendly Functions

15 Common Language Options, One-Click Update Online, Report Print & Share, Record & Replay, Technical Help Remotely, etc.

Wide Vehicle Coverage

Work for 12V Petrol Sedans, SUVs, Minivans and Light-Duty Trucks for 85+ global car brands in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc.

High-End Hardware Configuration

Operating System Android V10.0, 7 Inches HD Touchscreen, 1024×600 Resolution, 1.6GHz 4-Core CPU, 2.4GHz & 5GHz Dual-Frequency WiFi, Built-in Camera, 5000 mAh Battery and 2G RAM + 64G ROM Storage.

Broad Applicable User

Car Owners, Car Repair Students, DIY Enthusiasts, Car & Used Car Dealers, Home & Professional Mechanics, Technicians, Car Engineers, Garages, Workshops and Auto Repair Shops.

Built-in CAN FD & DoIP Protocol

Support CAN FD Protocol for GM/GMC/Cadillac/Chevrolet/Buick Cars after 2020. Support DoIP for BMW E/F/G Chassis, for Jaguar/Land Rover.

Includes 3 Years Software Updates & 2 Years Repair & Lifetime Technical Help.

Advanced ECU Coding

>>>Support for VW/AUDI/SKODA Only!

D7S scanner for car has the newly added ECU coding capability(for VW/AUDI/SKODA VEHICLES), which is the same with XTOOL D7, it performs online Coding, Component Matching, Adaptive Data Reset, etc to optimize vehicle performance and customize car settings.

XTOOL D7S Bidirectional Scan Tool >>> A Must-Have Diagnostic Scan Tool for Millions of Mechanics & Auto Dealers & Car Repair Shops!

Bidirectional Control (Active Tests)

>>> Perform Active Tests to Quickly & Accurately Pinpoint Car Faults!
Command ECU to perform specific functions and tests by active tests, to check the working status of various systems and components without using the vehicle controls. Help you quickly find out the exact cause of the vehicle failure, thus saving diagnosis time!

Such as: Open/Close Doors & Windows, Windshield Wiper or Sunroof; Turn on/off Lights, Radiator Fan, Sound Horn or Fuel Pump; Modulate the Throttle; Operate Rearview Mirrors; Test Door Lock; Fuel Trim Reset; Fuel Composition Reset; EVAP Test; Injector Buzz Test; etc.

* Available Actuation Test Varies by the Car Manufacturer, Model and Year. Please check compatibility with us

OE-Level All Systems Diagnosis

OE-Level All Systems Diagnosis >>> Bring You A Wonderful Experience of Dealer-Level Diagnosis!
Full Systems Diagnosis >>> Perform Dealer Level Diagnosis for All Available Car Systems!

Access and scan all available modules and systems in your vehicle; such as ECM, TCM, ABS, SRS, BCM, IMMO, BMS, TPMS, SAS, fuel system, light system, wiper system, A/C system, etc.

Perform OE-level diagnosis, to Read/Clear DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble C0*des), Retrieve ECU Information, View Live Data, View Freeze Frame and Actuation Test.

Auto VIN & Scan

>>> Scan Your Car Easily & Comprehensively!

Auto VIN: One-Click automatically identify your car information without manually entering the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
Manual Input VIN
Diagnosis-Select Vehicle-Automatic Detection
Diagnosis-Select Vehicle-Manual Selection
* Available Functions Vary by the Car Manufacturer, Model and Year. Please check compatibility with us.

36+ Commonly Used Service & Reset Functions

>>> Quickly Access to Various Maintenance Services to Fix Your Car!
With 36+ most used maintenance service functions, helps you repair your car efficiently!

ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) Bleeding: When the ABS contains air, it is necessary to bleed the brake system to get a firm brake pad.

Key Programming: Read the PIN co*de from the IMMO system, which is mainly used to disable the lo*st car keys and add new keys, to protect the safety of your vehicle.

Injector Coding: Enter the new injector code into the ECU after replacing the injector, so that the cylinder can identify the new injector to reduce fuel emissions.

Oil Reset: When the oil service lamp lights up, you need to change the engine oil, then turn off the oil service light and reset the maintenance interval.

EPB (Electrical Park Brake) Reset: Resets the brake pad to maintain the safety and efficiency of the electronic brake system after replacing the brake pad.

SAS (Steering Angle Sensor) Adjustment: The steering angle sensor is used to detect the rotation angle of the steering wheel. Performs steering angle sensor calibration and clears fault records.

Throttle Relearn: Adjusts the throttle position to control the intake air volume, and indirectly control the fuel injection volume to reduce fuel consumption.

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor System) Reset: When the tire pressure is insufficient, it is necessary to reset the tire pressure after replacing the tire or sensor.

Also includes: BMS (Battery Management System) Reset, Headlight Adjustment, Gearbox Match, Gear Learning, Air Suspension, Windows Initialization, Seat Match, Power Balance, Tire Upgrade, Disable Transport Mode, A/F Reset, Electronic Pump, EEPROM Adapter, Stop/Start Reset, Language Change, Reset Control Unit, Rain/Light Sensor, A/C Relearn, HV Battery, V*G*T Relearn, FRM Reset, SRS, Clutch Adaptation, Speed Limit, Airbag Reset and ODO Reset.

Broad Vehicle Coverage

>>> Serves for Most Vehicles Around the World!
Works for 12V Petrol Sedans, SUVs, Minivans and Light-Duty Trucks across the globe; including the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. after 1996 that use the OBDII port.

Diagnosis for 85+ global car makes, 140+ models, 10,000+American, European, Asian vehicles.(Not work on 24V heavy duty trucks)
CAN FD protocol: works for GM vehicles after 2020.
DoIP Protocol: works for BMW E/F/G Chassis, for Jaguar/Land Rover.
*Note: Please check the compatibility before purchase.

XTOOL D7S is equipped with superior hardware configuration, to help you diagnosis and repair efficiently!

14+ Languages optional

including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese.
What’s in the Box: The packing list includes D7S Tablet, Main Cable, User Guide, USB Cable, Tablet Charger, US Charger Cable, EU Charger Cable
*Note: The default language is English. To enable another language option with the serial number of your D7S and the required language to us.

XTOOL Scanner D7S>>>A Reliable, Thoughtful, Easy-to-use Scan Tool!

Additional Features on D7S>>>Makes Diagnosis Easier!

Smart Auto VIN: Access diagnosis by automatically detecting the vehicle, if the auto VIN fails, you can also try Manual Input VIN, and Automatic Detection/Manual Selection after select vehicle’s systems manually.(Not available for all vehicles!)

Display 8 Individual PIDs Graphing: Check up to 8 individual PIDs graphing at the same time on one page to check the value comprehensively and check the working status of the vehicles’ parts.

8-In-1 Graphing: 4-in-1 graphing may be not enough, XTOOL D7S combines 8 PIDs in one graphing to get accurate analysis. Please try: live data>select up to 8 PIDs>custom>Graph.

One Click WIFI Update: One-click update software via WiFi without Windows PC, easily get updated.If it cannot be connected, please try to connect to hotspot or check router settings(change WPA3 to WPA2, unblock firewall outgoing network traffic to other countries).

3 Years Software Update: With 3-year free update, gets updated vehicle software, optimized functions, and broad upcoming vehicle coverages continuously.

Remote Tech Help: The D7S is backed of official XTOOL support team, we offer 1v1 online remote technical assistance if it’s needed in specific situation. Please provide S/N&VIN&ISSUE*REMOTE ID if you need remote support to us!

CAN FD & DoIP Protocol: XTOOL D7S scan tool works for GM vehicles after 2020 with the built-in CAN FD protocol feature, and for BMW E/F/G Chassis, for Jaguar/Land Rover with DoIP.

Compatible with XTOOL XV100 Inspection Camera: Works with inspection camera to help inspect the working status of car parts, components clearly.

Compatible with XTOOL Key Programmers: Works with XTOOL KC100, KC501, KS-1, etc. to support specific vehicles key programming, please check compatibility via us!

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