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Monthly Software Update Notice | 2023 Feb


New Coverage Details


Battery Pack Detection - Global - V5.10

New coverage added for Opel EV, GM EV, SAIC GM EV, Ford EV, Suzuki EV, Hyundai EV, and Kia EV

Chery - V10.40

Add coverage for Dolphin EV-Upgrade Edition, Dolphin EV-Postal Edition.


Mercedes-Benz - V21.30

New coverage added for 118, 167, 177, 190, 205, 213, 217, 222, 238, 243, 247, 253, 257, 290, 293, 461, and 463 chassis - Actuation Test & Special Functions, including:

  • Actuation Test: self-test; Fan manipulation; speaker activation; individual speaker actuation; left side turn signal light; left side turn signal light; left-side taillight; Right taillight; brake light
  • Special Functions: initialization; deletion of initialization values; horizontal height calibration; running hour counter for reset part ''E2m4 (right front lighting unit fan motor 1)''; running hour counter for reset part ''E2 (right front lighting unit)''; running hour counter for reset part ''E1 (left front lighting unit)''; zero position adjustment; control unit unlocking. Control unit locking

Chrysler - V9.30

New coverage added for the Chrysler 2010~2017 MY - Special Functions & System Detection

  • JF-Freemont, LD-Charger (Post-2011), LX-300 / Magnum / Charger (Pre-2011) / Thema, RU-Pacifica, NY-Ypsilon, UF-200, BF-Fiat 500L and other models of body controller, RF hub Instrument panel group, Powertrain control module, transmission control module, power sliding door (left), power sliding door (left), hybrid power control processor, battery pack control module

New coverage added for Jeep 2010~2017 MY - Special Features & System Detection

  • Body Controller, Comfort Seat Wheel Module, RF Hub, Electronic Shifter, Transmission Control Module, Lane Feedback of M1-551, M4-553, M6-556, MP-552, B1-Renegade, BU-Renegade, KL-Cherokee, BQ-Renegade, and FB-500X

New coverage added for Dodge 2010~2017 MY - Special Functions & System Detection

  • Body Controller, Radio, Electronic Parking Brake, Instrument Panel Cluster System of VM-ProMaster City, JC-Journey, VF-ProMaster, D2-Ram 3500 Pickup, DS-Ram 1500

Toyota - V14.30

New coverage added for Toyota 2022-2023 MY - DTC Reading, DCT Clearing, Live Data, Bi-Directional Control, ECU Information

  • 4Runner, Hilux, Tacoma, AVANZA, RAIZE, Yaris, 86, Rav4, Rav4 HV, Rav4 PHV, Highlander, Highlander HV, Hiace, C-HR, Corolla, Corolla HV, Camry, Camry HV, Sienna HV, CROWN HV, Tundra, Tundra HV, Sequoia HV, Venza HV

New coverage added for Lexus 2022-2023 MY - DTC Reading, DCT Clearing, Live Data, Bi-Directional Control, ECU Information

  • ES300h, ES250, ES350, RC300, RC350, IS300, IS350, IS500, NX250, NX350, NX350h, NX450h+, RX350, RX350h, RX500h, RX450 h+, RZ450e, LS500, LX600, LS500h, LC500, LC500c, LC500h, UX250h, GX460, RC F


New coverage added – ECU information, DTC read/clear, Bi-Directional function and Live data

  • 107, 108, 2008, 206+, 207 CAN, 207 VAN, 207+, 207i, 208, 208 (Ai91), 208 (P21), 3008, 3008 (P84), 3008 Chine, 3008 HYbrid4, 301, 307 CAN, 308, 308 ( T9), 308 4 portes, 308S, 4007, 4008 (J3), 4008 (P84), 407, 408 (T73), 408 (T93), 5008, 5008 (P87), 508, 508 (R8), 508 HYbrid4, 508 RXH, 508 RXH HYbrid4, 508L ( R83), 607R, 807 CAN


New coverage added –ECU information, DTC read/clear, Bi-Directional function and Live data

  • BERLINGO (B9), BERLINGO (K9), BERLINGO 2 (M69), BERLINGO 2 Iran-AMLAT, BERLINGO Electric (B9e), BIPPER, BOXER 3, BOXER 3 Euro 5 / Euro 6, BOXER 3 minibus, c-crosser, c-elysee, c-zero, c1 (b0), c1 (b4), c3 (a51), c3 (ai51), c3 b618), c3 aircross (a88), c3 aircross (ai58), c3 picasso (a58), c3 PICASSO (Ai58), C4, C4 (B7), C4 Aircross (J4), C4 CACTUS (E3), C4 L / C4 SEDAN (B7), C4 SEDAN, C4 SPACETOURER (B78), C5 (X7), C5 Aircross, C6 (X6), C6 (X81), C8 CAN, DS 3, DS 3 (A55P), DS 3 CROSSBACK, DS 4, DS 4S, DS 5, DS 5 Hybrid4, DS 5LS, DS 6, DS 7 CROSSBACK, EXPERT (K0), EXPERT 3, HOGGAR, JUMPER 3, JUMPER 3 Euro 5 / Euro 6 JUMPER 3 Minibus, JUMPY (K0), JUMPY 3, KP0, L60, NEMO, PARTNER (B9), PARTNER 2 (M69), PARTNER Electric (B9e), PARTNER 2 Iran-AMLAT, RCZ, SPACETOURER, TRAVELLER


New coverage added for Jaguar F-PACE 2017 MY - Live Data

New coverage added for Hungarian

MAZDA - V13.40

New coverage added for FLAIR/FLAIR CROSSOVER - Read ECU Version Information, Read/Clear DTC

Tata - V8.20

New coverage added for - Special Functions

  • BS-6: SCV, ILCV

FORCE - V5.10

New coverage added for engine system

  • BOSCH BSVI and Delphi BSVI

GM -V13.10     

Fix the failure to execute Oil Reset for 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

Fix 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Custom LTD 2.7L recognition failure

Fix 1996 Buick LeSabre H (K)3.8L V6 L36 failed to execute Auto Bleed


Fiat - V27.13

Optimize IMMO data reading functions

Optimize menus

Support Greece

Toyota - V26.92

Add new coverage for 2019+ models (non-smart keys) - Key Programming Functions

Fixed a problem that failed to erase smart keys for 2019+ models

Support Greece

Ford  - V27.43

Optimize menus

Add instructions on manual remote programming

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