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VDIAGTOOL V200 Automotive Electrical Circuit Tester Probe, 12V and 24V



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VDIAGTOOL V200 Automotive Electrical Circuit Tester Probe, 12V and 24V. It's a very easy-to-use tool for 12v and 24v vehicles to perform all kinds of electrical tests. A fast circuit test tool, saving time to locate electrical errors. Has 4 working modes that can be switched by one click, DC Voltage Test, AC Voltage Test, Resistance Test, and Diode Test. V200 power circuit probe can identify the polarity quickly. With the built-in light and 20ft. extension Cord, it can test the whole vehicle even under dark areas. This current tester can be powered by the vehicle's battery or cigarette lighter, no extra batteries or cables are required. Able to generate activation signals to the tested components. A must-have for technicians or hobbyists.
  • 4 Working Modes - Simply Switch By One Button
    DC Voltage Test: Detects the voltage value of the circuit under test with a resolution of 0.1 volt
    AC Voltage Test: Detects the Max. Voltage, the Min. Voltage and Frequency of the circuit
    Resistance Test: Detects resistance between the circuit probe tip and the auxiliary ground lead. Determines whether an electrical circuit is complete or broken and if the resistance of a component matches the manufacturer's specification
    Diode Test: Detect the operation of the diode assembly and determine if it is conducting. Display the actual forward voltage of the diode when it's conducting current
    DC voltage range: 0-65V; Resistance range: 0-100 kΩ; Rated current: 1-10 amps; Frequency response of sound passage: 0Hz to 10Khz.
  • Polarity Identification + Overload Protection + Bluit in Light + 20 FT. Extension Cable
    Find out whether it is a positive or negative ground circuit and display volts. Red light for Positive and Green for Negative. An auto circuit breaker makes this power probe kit safe and sustainable, and short circuit protection prevents the device and your components from overloading. With the built-in light and 20ft. extension cord, it can test the whole vehicle even under dark areas
  • Generate Activation Signals to the Tested Components
    The activation test function is designed to generate activation signals to the tested components in hands or vehicles, such as car lights, relays, fuel injectors, motors, and other on-board electrical equipment. It functions in DC voltage mode
  • Other Useful Functions
    ✔️Locate The Short Circuit: Normally, a short circuit will appear by a blown fuse or an electrical protection device tripping (i.e., a circuit breaker). Use the probe tip to activate and energize each of the fuse contacts. The contact which trips the circuit breaker is the shorted circuit
    ✔️Check Continuity: In Resistance mode, using the probe tip and the auxiliary ground lead, continuity can be tested on wires and components attached or disconnected from the vehicle's electrical system
    ✔️Test Trailer Lights: In DC Voltage mode, clip the auxiliary ground lead to the trailer ground, probe the contacts at the jack and then apply voltage to the probe tip. This allows you to check the function and orientation of the connector and trailer lights
    ✔️Find The Bad Ground: Probe the suspected ground wire or contact with the tip. If the circuit breaker tripped, this circuit is more than likely a good ground
    ✔️Quick Self-test: Make sure it is working properly before using it. Press the power switch forward to activate the tip positively, the Red LED lights up and displays the battery voltage. Press the power switch backwards to activate the tip negatively, the Green LED lights up and displays 0.0V
  • 1-Year Warranty + 24/7 Customer Service
    This automotive power system circuit probe is backed up with a 1-year warranty. If any questions, please reach out at

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Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Sue Tilley
Product is good, delivery is fast

It's a good product that works the way it's supposed to

Nick M Joseph
Received the ordered product

Thanks so much! I received the electronic probe tester in the time it was promised. It works great!

Circuit Testers

Half the price of power probe but same quailty.

I really like it!

It's good and easy to use. My husband said he loves it. He said it saved him tons of time. I don't know much about it myself, but he doesn't say bad things.

Love love love

This is a great tool to have. Money well spent.

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